The Ultimate Control in Aquatic Environments

About Us

Since its inception in 1990, Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. has strived to be on the leading edge of aquatic animal housing. The president and founder of the company, Daniel Vinci, started working in aquatic animal husbandry in 1985. In 1990, Mr. Vinci relocated to Seattle, Washington and started Aquatic Enterprises, Inc.

What our clients say

"Ever since our lab has switched over to Aquatic Enterprises our animal mortality rate has been minimal. In our colony of over 4,000 frogs we have only had 3 deaths in over a year! They understand the importance of having and keeping healthy animals. The systems are efficient, easy enough to use, and work great! The staff is friendly and easy to contact if I have any questions or in case of an emergency. Ordering is easy and I receive my materials promptly. I definitely recommend Aquatic Enterprises!"

Amy Stepanic
Lab Manager, Dept. of Biology, Grainger Lab
University of Virginia