Life Support Equipment

Aquatic Enterprises commercial life support systems are designed to provide the highest level of water quality while keeping serviceability simple and convenient.

Our commercial LSS packages are designed and engineered to meet our client’s specific applications.

Our Commercial LSS packages are complete, fully self-contained pumping and secondary filtration systems mounted to our compact, fiberglass base which can be pallet mounted or on a custom stainless-steel frame. These systems range in flow rates from 40 to 500 GPM and can incorporate a wide variety of sub-components. These systems are available for both fresh water and marine applications.

All components on our systems are fitted with unions between each individual component with ball valves on intakes and discharges. We include a drain valve with a male garden hose connection to drain components easily via pump or gravity. We incorporate a by-pass valve, in the event the mechanical filter plugs. Water will by-pass the filter and continue to flow to vital elements like the heat exchanger and tanks.

Our Commercial LSS Packages can include the following:

Life Support Systems
  • Marine and Freshwater
  • Energy-efficient pumps
  • Programmable pumps
  • Mechanical filtration
  • Chemical filtration
  • Ultraviolet disinfection
  • NEMA enclosed control
  • Sump tank
  • Bio-filter tower
  • Automation
  • De-gassing tower
  • By-pass valve
  • Simple installation
  • Wide variety of flow rates
  • Heat exchangers
  • Temperature controllers
  • Liquid filled pressure gauges
  • Flow control valves
  • Protein skimmers

All of our systems are pre-plumbed and fully water tested prior to shipping.