Custom Reviews

We recently worked with Aquatic Enterprises to setup an aquarium to house sea urchins. Dan responded to my original request within a day, plans were drawn up within a few weeks, and the custom-built tank was delivered to the lab in about a month and a half. The aquarium has everything we need, in particular thanks to Dan asking the questions that I wasn’t even thinking about. We essentially filled the tank, plugged it in, and we were good to go. Everything has been working perfectly over the past several months and the first 40 sea urchins we introduced into the tank are thriving and producing healthy embryos for our research. Dan is extremely knowledgeable and always available to answer questions, usually in less than a day. I highly recommend Aquatic Enterprises!

Daniel Levy
Associate Professor
University of Wyoming
Department of Molecular Biology

When requested to find seafood tanks for a grocery store, we were at a loss as to where to begin. However, after our first conversation with Aquatic Enterprises and Daniel Vinci, we knew we'd found the perfect company for the job. Daniel's unrivaled knowledge, his meticulous guidance through the entire purchase and installation process, and his genuine interest in helping us succeed with this project was nothing short of remarkable.

Christy Lee
Equipment Director, Sutti Associates

Aquatic Enterprises is an awesome group to work with! We have two of the large cold salt water tanks one from 2009 and one from 2012 and both are working fabulously! These tanks are easy to take care of, look great and since they are in teaching spaces, run quietly enough to allow lecturing without disruption from tank noise. Even when users have done silly things to cause a problem, Aquatic Enterprises takes the time to help figure out the issue and correct the problem and then offer suggestions to assist in making things work to the user’s needs without damaging the tank, chiller or plumbing.

We also had a salt water mixer installed and because the space the mixer was going in had a high light level, we requested a black plastic tank instead of the regular Nalgene color. They did it! They figured out how to get us a black plastic tank to reduce algae growth and it too is working perfectly more than 10 years later.

This is a great company to work with. If they do not have exactly what you need, they will work with you to figure it out. Additionally, they stand behind, beside and above their product, even years later, if you need support or problems solved!

Michal Morrison-Kerr
Biology Storeroom Coordinator
University of Puget Sound

We're very happy with the tank systems we had custom built by Aquatic Enterprises. We needed tanks that would work reliably in our walk-in cold room as we are building a facility to house temperature-sensitive Antarctic fish, and the systems we purchased work great!

Dr. Bradley A. Buckley
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Portland State University

I’ve been working with Dan and Aquatic Enterprises for years now and it’s been a pleasure. The level of service and different types of products offered are unparalleled. Their attention to details and quality of materials used to manufacture their customized tanking solutions have proved to be an invaluable asset, especially being in the live seafood/shellfish distribution industry where my product needs to arrive in my customers hands as fresh as possible...Alive!!

Ronald Kuo
General Manager, Barclay Seafood