Custom Aquarium Systems

Tropical Saltwater System, Oregon State University, Hatfield Marine Science Center

"We have found the 4 rack systems you built for us to be extremely well made and very easy to maintain. The recirculating saltwater rack system more than adequately meets our needs. The tanks are very easy to service, as is the life support system. Further, the systems are set up in a very logical and simple fashion, such that they serve as a major teaching tool in our training facility."

– Tim Miller-Morgan, DVM
College of Veterinary Medicine, Hatfield Marine Science Center, Oregon State University
Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. specializes in custom built, fully self-contained aquarium systems designed for a variety of research applications. These systems can operate in a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for species from Antarctica to the Tropics in fresh, brackish or marine environments.

Our in-house engineering and design team works with your space to create a system that fits your needs and requirements. The aquariums can come with local or remote life support, chilling and heating, and automated water changing.

We can manufacture any tank size and configuration and even integrate with your existing system. Designs include water tables, flow through systems, and serial systems with centralized filtration. From initial concept, to installation, training and service, Aquatic Enterprises can bring your facility to life.

Features Include:
  • Variable Pump Configurations
  • Titanium Coil Chillers
  • Digital Temperature Control
  • Insulated Glass
  • Epoxy-coated, Stainless Steel Frames
  • Biological Filters
  • Mechanical Filters
  • UV Sterilization
  • Protein Fractionator
  • Ozone
  • Alarm Systems
  • Automated water Make-up and Changing
  • Modular Designed Frames with Seismic Considerations
Many other options are available.

From Aplysia to Urchins, we can create the right system for your needs.

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