Why XenRack?

Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. has developed a purpose-built Xenopus aquaria rack system with unique features and benefits.

This makes the system incredibly simple to service while maintaining healthy water quality for optimal animal welfare. The engineering of the tanks and life support system is the key to its simplicity and efficiency.

As with the Aquarius Fish System, the XenRack subscribes to the KISS principle – keep it simple!

The XenRack is designed to be user-friendly, simple to operate and maintain, and durable.

The stand-alone units include a robust life support system. They come with an over-sized wet/dry biological filter that is capable of handling the massive bio-loads that frogs produce. This type of filter self-aerates to keep the bacteria thriving. Our proprietary, rotationally molded sumps are seamless, so there are no weak spots or glued joints that can fail. The sump has an internal-drawer, mechanical filter which is designed to be simple to service. The racks are welded from corrosion-resistant T-6061 structural aluminum and are powder-coated for additional corrosion protection.

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