Multi-Temperature Racks

Aquatic Enterprises Multi-Temp Rack system was designed specifically for environmental research or for any study where subtle temperature or chemical change effects will be observed and monitored.

Each aquarium has a dedicated heat exchanger with dual-stage control for both heating and cooling to ±0.5° accuracy. Each tank has independent life support including mechanical, biological and chemical filtration. There is no co-mingling of aquarium water from one tank to another.

The rack is fully welded stainless steel and is coated to resist corrosive environments. Reliable magnetic or DC drive pumps minimize noise and vibration. The DC drive pumps are also speed controllable. Lighting options are also available.

With customizable tank sizes and configurations, this rack system can be adapted to fit any research setting, fresh or salt water.

  • Each tank has an independent life support including biological, mechanical, and chemical filtration
  • No co-mingling of water from one tank to another
  • Reliable, salt water compatible pumps
  • Titanium heat exchangers to heat and/or chill water
  • Dual stage controllers to maintain precision temperature accuracy
  • Optional lighting systems available
  • Fully welded stainless steel rack with barrier coating for corrosive environments
  • Acrylic or glass aquariums are available in various sizes