Cold Water Labs

Aquatic Enterprises cold-water systems are purpose built, fully self-contained or flow-through systems.

They are designed to suit a variety of cold-water applications. Our systems can maintain temperatures as low as 33°F with no condensation on the viewing windows. The systems are designed for freshwater, brackish, and marine applications.

Our cold-water systems are fully insulated for maximum energy efficiency while keeping the equipment, plumbing, and holding tanks free of condensation. All of our cold-water life support packages are fully engineered to provide a stable water chemistry and environment for the animals. We can remotely locate the life-support equipment so that heat is not introduced to the aquarium room.

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Fully insulated sump
  • Titanium coil chiller
  • Digital temperature control
  • Argon filled insulated glass
  • T316L stainless tank frames
  • T304L stainless base
  • Insulated aquariums
  • Biological filters
  • Secondary filtration
  • Remote condensing units
  • Variety of tank sizes & configurations
  • Mechanical pre-filtration
  • Fully self-contained
  • PVC equipment deck
  • FBEC coated metals
  • UV sterilization

We can offer insulated tank racks as a serial system with centralized filtration or fully self-contained. Options include a flow safety switch for chiller, ultraviolet sterilizer, protein fractionator, ozone, alarm systems, automated water make-up and water changing. Our racks can be outfitted with fully insulated plastic tanks - with or without viewing windows. For large capacity systems, we offer insulated fiberglass tanks, also with or without viewing windows.

We can custom manufacture any tank size and configuration of our cold-water racks to meet your exact specifications. We offer in-house design and engineering to aid in the success of your installation. From initial concept to installation, training, and service contracts, Aquatic Enterprises can bring your facility to life.