XenRack Advantage

The XenRack is designed to maximize effectiveness while being simple to manage!

The XenRack is designed such that it will still flow and function with a completely clogged filter. Frog waste is big, sticky, and unpredictable and this design eliminates nuisance problems associated with a clogged filter. We designed the primary mechanical filter such that even a completely clogged filter will simply overflow back into the sump via gravity. This allows all the critical functions; biological filter, temperature management, ultraviolet disinfection, to continue to operate since 100% of flow is always maintained regardless of the condition of the mechanical filters. This insures a clogged filter will not adversely affect the colony. A built-in safety feature that requires no cost, electricity, or expensive parts, just gravity - a reliable partner. This is one of many XenRack Advantages.


Our Tanks!

Clear polycarbonate tanks are available in 16 or 23 liter volumes. The tanks are very strong and can be moved with water in them. We also offer custom tanks of any size in acrylic or glass. For applications using cold water, we can fabricate the tanks with extra thick acrylic or insulated glass, to reduce or eliminate condensation. These custom XenRacks incorporate all the same life support system components, sump, and biological filter.


Our Lids!

Our lids were designed in-house to allow feeding without moving the lid. Simply dispense food into the tank via the feeding hole which is recessed lower than the rest of the lid. So if things get messy, you can simply wash down the area and it will gravity flow into the tank. In fact, the entire lid is recessed which allows drips from above to drain back into the tanks. The lids have a tall perimeter flashing to hold them in place. Even with active frogs, these features help keep the lids on.


Our Racks!

The racks are custom-built to our design criteria – fully welded using T-6061 structural aluminum. All racks incorporate stainless steel levelers with a poly-foot for corrosion resistance. They are then finished with a powder coating for total corrosion elimination. Our racks will never rust!

With various heights and lengths available, we can accommodate any room size and shape.

Additionally, the racks are just wide enough to have the tanks fit within the footprint of the rack. Stainless steel racks can be made to accommodate heavier tanks or corrosive environments.

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Our Life Support Systems!

The LSS on the XenRack is simply the most robust and intuitive one on the market. It has an internal (in sump) mechanical filtration drawer that utilizes re-usable bag filters.

The bag filter system is available with a micron porosity range from 1 – 1000 microns. The design of the drawer guarantees to never restrict vital water flow through the Ultraviolet Disinfection unit, Bio-tower biological filter, and the tanks themselves. Should the mechanical filters clog, water simply bypasses them with no addition of parts or equipment, nothing to service, and nothing to fail. These filtration modules can have carbon inserts as well. The entire mechanical and carbon filtration system can be serviced in minutes without turning the water circulation pump off and without any tools.
The bio-tower is a smaller version of our large aquaculture towers, which have proven performance in demanding high-density aquaculture applications. This wet/dry trickle filter holds a large quantity of synthetic bio-filtration media, which is maintenance-free and will not clog. An additional benefit of this unique design is the water is continuously oxygenated, benefiting both nitrifying bacteria and the frogs. The tower doubles as a CO2 stripper, removing dangerous carbon dioxide from the water. This is key for animal welfare.

The ultraviolet disinfection unit is rated to provide no less than 120,000 microwatts per CM2 per second at the end of lamp life. This rating will not be affected by varying flow as a result of mechanical filter clogs. This is a common problem with other rack systems that use a pressurized in-line mechanical filter cartridge.

The magnetic drive water circulation pump is designed for semi-corrosive fluids and will not be affected by salts present in the water. The magnetic drive pumps that we use isolate the wet end from the motor to keep a safe, seal-less distance between electricity and water. They are industrial grade and made in America. We have used these pumps successfully in fresh and saltwater applications for many years. A proven track record with a reputable manufacturer ensures quality and long-lasting performance.


The Bits!

There are many small parts on our systems that make the whole work so effectively. For example, our PVC pipe drain manifolds are enclosed to eliminate spills and splash. They are high strength which means they will last for many years and never gets brittle.

We use only the highest quality true-union ball valves. The water delivery tubes on our systems are an opaque black and will not accumulate crud. Each manifold is equipped with quick disconnect and clean-out plugs for easy annual service.

The proprietary rotary valve makes adjusting / turning off flow to any tank a breeze.