About XenRack

The XenRack was originally designed in 2008 by Aquatic Enterprises for the Hatfield Marine Science Center to offer a rack system for housing saltwater fish.

The early designs had in-house manufactured acrylic tanks. We incorporated a completely sealed drain system which eliminates salt creep to keep the system clean and easy to maintain. Since this system was installed across the street from the Pacific Ocean, we knew corrosion could be an issue. For this demanding saltwater environment, we chose to use stainless steel racks with a fusion bonded epoxy coating, which was originally designed by 3M for the Navy. It comes in Navy gray or camouflage green. This coating has a very strong resistance to salt spray and we still offer it today, as an option for saltwater labs.

Our current systems have standard 16L or 23L polycarbonate tanks with proprietary polycarbonate lids. These systems can be used for any aquatic organism, fresh or saltwater at any temperature. Cold water applications can include thicker tank materials or fully insulated tanks for reduced condensation.

Over the years, we have made many custom XenRacks with a variety of tank sizes ranging from 3 to 100 gallons per tank.

XenRacks can be fully self-contained as stand-alone systems or can be linked for use as a centrally filtered multi-rack system.