XenRack Capabilities

From a stand-alone rack to a room full, we have the capability to fully automate your systems.

The XenRack can also be fully automated, using our proprietary rotating drum filters. The RDF units come in 2 sizes, one for stand-alone and up to 4-rack systems and one for larger applications. The large unit can run up to 10 racks and can be linked to operate any number of racks. We use high-quality, high-output ultraviolet sterilizers with dedicated control panels. The panels have lamp indicators that give instant feedback if a lamp is burned out. The hour meter keeps track of longevity and helps determine when you are due for replacement lamps.

We offer two different types of control systems. These controllers have features that make one or the other a better option based on your needs and infrastructure. Regardless, all our control packages come standard with water temperature sensors, pH and conductivity probes, water level sensors, and alarms. The pH and conductivity probes are lab-grade for extremely accurate readings. The controllers have a suite of features and capabilities far beyond the basics and can include items like flow-rate monitoring, video, timers, timed control, oxidation-reduction potential, oxygen levels, SMS texting alarms, web-based access and control, email alerts, and so on. All systems can include a touch-screen display.

With manufacturing and technicians on both coasts, we can efficiently make, install, and service your systems. We offer all our clients 24/7 emergency technical service and advice at no additional cost. We also offer preventative maintenance contracts.

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