Aquatic Enterprises set up our Xenopus facility some 10 years ago. We never had any serious issue with any of the plumbing, pumps or the rest of the hardware, everything runs smoothly with the originally installed parts. The customer service is exemplary, Dan and the rest of the team are always very helpful, prompt, professional and friendly. I know that they have my back.

Miroslav Tomschik
Xenopus Facility Manager
University of Wyoming
Dept. of Molecular Biology

We have had the pleasure of working with Aquatic Enterprises for over five years now and it has been a tremendous partnership. As a seafood company – from distribution to restaurants – our product is King. We posed a unique challenge of not only keeping our animals alive in tanks, but they had to be on display as well. Everything from the aesthetics of the tank to the operational maintenance and life support systems had to work for our restaurants, and work well. Restaurants are an environment that is fast-paced, guest facing, and service oriented. All of these attributes are on display at Aquatic Enterprises, making them one of our most trusted vendors. Working with Dan and the team has allowed us to showcase the central part of our seafood concept at both King’s Fish House and Water Grill – our product.

Being a new investigator and setting up a lab from scratch can be extremely stressful. Aquatic Enterprises has been a huge help getting my new lab up and running. I have found the aquarium system they installed to be very well designed and dependable. In the rare instance I’ve had a question or an issue, Eric has been quick to respond and help troubleshoot. I highly recommend Aquatic Enterprises!

Natalie C. Steinel, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Massachusetts Lowell

The Aquarius system has been amazing! Innovative water handling, ease of cleaning, and durable tank design make this a great option for both large and small fish facilities. We are extremely happy with our choice to go with Aquarius.

David M. Langenau, PhD
Associate Chief of Research and Director of Molecular Pathology
Massachusetts General Hospital
Associate Professor of Pathology, Harvard Medical School

I run a small (400sq ft) facility with a separate tiny satellite quarantine room (48 sq ft). As a single-PI facility it was of utmost importance to me to have a facility that would require minimum maintenance with maximal support. We considered all of the major vendors (I've had first-hand experience with all of them) and decided to go with Aquarius. First, their under-rack life support systems saved a significant amount of floor space relative to other vendors’ hardware. This let us set up a floor plan that allows up to 6 people to work comfortably. Second, the free-flowing water makes it easy to see at a glance that water is flowing to all tanks, and we don’t have problems with clogging. Finally, the competitive cost allowed us to build in complete redundancy: we have two independent systems capable of providing life support to all tanks.

Over the past two years it’s become clear that we couldn’t have made a better choice. The fish are healthy, the system really does run itself and the veterinary staff & institution seem happy during their regular inspections. Reconfiguration of racks has been easy thanks to standard parts, allowing us flexibility as we’ve grown. Of course, most of the things that could go wrong have gone wrong. Happily, when they do, Aquarius (particularly Eric Stone) is incredibly responsive. They have provided on-line/phone/text support within hours, shipped us replacement parts, and when necessary come down to do heavier duty replacements in person. I’ve spoken to a number of my other colleagues with Aquarius systems at different institutions and my experience seems to be general.

Finally, its worth nothing that Aquarius stands by the community. They continue to sponsor major and regional zebrafish conferences and, when there, are an excellent resource for current and prospective users. I can recommend them without hesitation.

David Schoppik, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Departments of Otolaryngology, Neuroscience & Physiology and the Neuroscience Institute
NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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