Aquatic Enterprises’ commercial controller systems are fully customized for every application.

Our water changers simplify the task of mixing saltwater and performing routine water changes. Our systems are available with manual, timed or fully automated delivery of water to the holding system.

The basic manual water mixer unit comes with a recirculation and delivery pump, piping and valves, and quick disconnect unions to mix and deliver water on an as-needed basis.

The timed unit incorporates a timer and solenoid valve assembly to deliver a predetermined amount of water on a scheduled interval.

The fully automated unit comes with a computer controller, ultraviolet disinfection unit, flow totalizer, low water level switch and alarm.

Water Mixers and Changers Can Include:

  • HDPE water storage tank
  • Stainless steel base with levelers
  • PVC equipment deck
  • Magnetic drive circulation and delivery pump
  • Integrated recirculation piping and valves
  • Ultraviolet disinfection unit
  • Low water level switch and alarm
  • Heater or chiller
  • Fully integrated timer or controller
  • Solenoid valve
  • High level over flow
  • Flow rate regulation valves
  • Ball valves and union quick disconnects
  • Saltwater compatible magnetic drive pumps

All our storage tanks, water mixers, and water changers are available with black HDPE tanks and a water level indicator where algae growth can be a problem. Our mixing stations and water changers take the work out of water quality management.

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