Since its inception in 1990, Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. has strived to be on the leading edge of aquatic animal housing. The president and founder of the company, Daniel Vinci, started working in aquatic animal husbandry in 1985. In 1990, Mr. Vinci relocated to Seattle, Washington and started Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. The company’s roots were primarily involved in aquarium design, installation, and services for decorative freshwater and marine fish and invertebrates. In 2000, Aquatic Enterprises entered the area of manufacturing. At first, manufacturing was limited to live seafood holding systems. Within a few years, Aquatic Enterprises had manufactured and installed some of the largest, custom retail display seafood aquarium systems on the West Coast. The company maintains all of these systems today, a testament to the robust design and manufacturing. Our seafood systems have housed everything from fresh and saltwater finfish, to crustaceans, and molluskan bi-valves.

Aquatic Enterprises, Washington
Aquatic Enterprises, Washington
Aquatic Enterprises, Massachusetts
Aquatic Enterprises, Massachusetts


In 2002

Our first full-scale, centrally filtered research aquarium facility was engineered and installed at the University of Washington for their Environmental Science Program. This system is a cold saltwater system for environmental sciences and invasive species studies. The system is still in use today.

In 2004

Aquatic Enterprises sold the decorative aquarium division to concentrate its efforts on engineering, manufacturing and servicing aquarium systems exclusively for seafood and scientific applications.

In 2012

Aquatic Enterprises partnered with Eric Stone and Aquarius Fish Systems of Boston, MA to bring their well-designed zebrafish systems into our product offerings. After 8 years of a highly successful partnership, Dan and Eric decided to fully merge Aquarius and Aquatic to form one company in 2021. What started with a phone call turned into a booming and mutually beneficial business plan. Now, Mr. Stone is the Vice President of Aquatic Enterprises, Inc. and we continue to maintain both facilities for manufacturing and service support. Each facility maintains an inventory of spares and consumables, so receiving orders from us is as fast and cost-effective as possible.


We engineer and manufacture our equipment using state-of-the-art technology and machinery. Aquatic Enterprises superior craftsmanship is backed by our staff which includes 3 degreed biologists with over 108 cumulative years of experience in aquatics, fisheries biology, and manufacturing.

We currently serve clients in universities and schools, research institutes, public aquariums, fish hatcheries, seafood retailers, and seafood wholesalers.

With our in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities, we can design and build virtually any aquatic holding system or hatchery equipment you need.

With hundreds of different species in our systems over the years, you can be assured that any system we make for you will provide the precise environment for your animals' needs.

Aquatic Enterprises, Inc.
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