Aquarius Fish Systems

Aquarius 360pt

Aquarius Fish Systems was founded in 2009 by Eric Stone while he was a lab manager for one of the largest zebrafish labs in the world. His experience there led him to conclude there were many ways to enhance and improve on the different systems he was managing.

What our clients say

"I didn’t know about the Aquarius system until I started planning for our fish facility in 2016. At first, I was dubious but then discovered that most new PIs I knew went with Aquarius. After three years working with the system, I am very satisfied. It runs clean, allows you to hold more tanks than other systems, has no consumables for filtration, and is easy to program. The drum filter is a huge plus and is something you pay a premium for with other companies. Eric and Daniel have been great to work with and are always there if you need anything. Great system and great people."

Tod Thiele, PhD
University of Toronto Scarborough