XenRack Reviews

I couldn't be happier with my Aquatic Enterprises, Inc (AE) experience. Their knowledgeable, professional, and extremely responsive staff initially designed and built me a simple system for stickleback fish (i.e., one temperature, few racks). The installation was quick, and the system has performed as promised. In the one instance where I had a small leak, AE arranged to fly out (to Alaska!) and fix the issue within a week's time. I also recently hired AE to design and build a second, more complex system (i.e., many racks, different tank sizes, separate temperature control options). After working through many rounds of initial design and investing great effort into coordinating remodel needs with my University architects and building staff, I'm again thrilled with the final product. AE has earned my continual patronage and I recommend them to aquatics focused colleagues at every opportunity.

Jesse N. Weber, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Integrative Biology
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Ever since our lab has switched over to Aquatic Enterprises our animal mortality rate has been minimal. In our colony of over 4,000 frogs we have only had 3 deaths in over a year! They understand the importance of having and keeping healthy animals. The systems are efficient, easy enough to use, and work great! The staff is friendly and easy to contact if I have any questions or in case of an emergency. Ordering is easy and I receive my materials promptly. I definitely recommend Aquatic Enterprises!

Amy Stepanic
Lab Manager,
Dept. of Biology, Grainger Lab
University of Virginia

Our XenRack III system had some serious technical issues due to the lack of maintenance during the COVID-19 pandemic. We could not get the usual support from the university facility people as they were laying off people and imposing furloughs, and my new lab technician was inexperienced. So we reached out to Aquatic Enterprise, and they spent days to find the problems and train my technician. If you want the best customer support, I would definitely recommend them.

Shuo Wei, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
University of Delaware

It was great to work with Aquatic Enterprises. They have a lot of experience and they were frank and knowledgeable and gave good advice during the back-and-forth process of room design. They communicated well and gave thorough answers when I had questions. They involved us during installation to make sure we understood how everything worked. Finally, they have been very responsive and helpful while we've been learning the systems, and I am sure that will continue in the future.

Yoel Stuart, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Loyola University Chicago

In 2010 my group purchased an aquaria rack system from Aquatic Enterprises to house a Xenopus laevis colony. The system has worked flawlessly in the interim, so well in fact, that we’ve recently added several rack systems in order to triple our facility’s capacity. We initially chose Aquatic Enterprises based on the solid engineering of their systems and the company’s willingness to make design modifications in order to fit our space and budget-limited needs. As advertised, the systems are extremely easy and cost-effective to both use and maintain. Happy frogs are critical to the success of our research and the research is going extremely well! If you are considering the purchase of a Xenopus rack system, you’d be remiss to not go with Aquatic Enterprises.

Jesse "Jay" C. Gatlin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Molecular Biology
University of Wyoming