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In 2010 my group purchased an aquaria rack system from Aquatic Enterprises to house a Xenopus laevis colony. The system has worked flawlessly in the interim, so well in fact, that we've recently added several rack systems in order to triple our facility's capacity. We initially chose Aquatic Enterprises based on the solid engineering of their systems and the company's willingness to make design modifications in order to fit our space and budget-limited needs. As advertised, the systems are extremely easy and cost-effective to both use and maintain. Happy frogs are critical to the success of our research and the research is going extremely well! If you are considering the purchase of a Xenopus rack system, you'd be remiss to not go with Aquatic Enterprises.

– Jesse "Jay" C. Gatlin, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Molecular Biology, University of Wyoming